What even is a school trustee?

What even is a school trustee?

So if (when?) you elect me, what will my job even be? What does a school trustee do?


First of all, it’s important to explain what a school trustee is NOT:

  • Not involved in designing curriculum
  • Not involved in salaries or bargaining (although I’ve certainly hit the picket lines)
  • Not involved in setting requirements for graduation
  • Not involved in establishing standardized tests like EQAO
  • Not involved in funding formula determining how much money each school board receives
  • Not a member of a political party caucus


So what DOES a school trustee do?

  • Sets the budget within the funding allocated by the province
  • Provides specialized programming like French immersion and gifted classes
  • Determines how to operate virtual programming (the DDSB has a dedicated school system for virtual vs other boards that have had teachers teach both in-class and virtual simultaneously)
  • Works as part of a team with ALL other trustees to come to decisions, where each trustee speaks with their own voice
  • Sets policy direction, determining how services are provided within schools


Like all politicians, trustees are accountable to the residents of Pickering. It’s my job to bring forward your concerns, whether it’s to the school board or your school’s principal. I will always fight for and advocate for your child’s right to succeed.

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